Company Profile

Our agricultural machine factory  had been  established in 1958 to  meet a claim,  raised by demand  of agriculture to provide technical  background at that time .

Hevesgep manufactures agricultural machines from 1970 and within the scope of international integration.We are supplier    such  well-known Europian multinational firms as a Claas, KUHN, Hesston, e.c.t from 1976.

Hevesgép Ltd  – as a legal successor-   established in 1993,  as a  result of privatization in Hungary.

Our firm is  leading agricultural machine factory in Hungary with technologycal background  with modern, up-to-date Japanese, Swedish and  German  metall working  machines.

Our main products are machines for technology of grain processing: cleaners, dryers, SILOS, steelworks  and machines for  conveying systems to serve above machines.

Characteristic feature’s  of our  dryers  are    durability, aesthetic  design  and  high technical quality,  as a result  of  our  continuous  development of these machines.

Our dryers can provide storing  of the grain    in  good quality for a long period  in  silos,   as a result of   relative  low drying temperature of the drying process. The  result  of our development works is – parallel with improvement of drying process of batch dryers – production of equipments for continuous grain  drying technology.

Higher drying capacity  of continuous flow dryers  can provide economic efficiency  for larger  agricultural firms. increase the number of our Customers.

We can set up drying plants with batch dryers or  continuous flow dryers for complete  grain handling technology: cleaning, drying and storing.

Our grain plants are controlled by comuter and able to intervene automatically in storing process to provide long time stooring of the  cereol  in  good  quality.

Our machines represents world  standard  level  as  a  result  of  our  continuous  development  of these machines.

Our highly qualified  engineers can  provide  all demand of our Customers by improvement of our products, for which we can use our laboratory and results of research  made by  Technical  University.

Within the scope of international cooperation we are in connection with  such  well-known  Europian firms as MECMAR, FRAME, BÜHLER, CTB, ect.  with high level of technical development.

To provide above our  manufacturing technology is supported by:

  • computerized   warehouse  with logistics recordings
  • up-to-date  Japanese  metall sheet processing machines  (laser-cutting machine, high-pressure water cutting machine, shears, ect. )
  • up-to-date welding ,   painting  and  assembly   workshop buildings can provide  all demand of our Customers.

Our firm display  significant invention activity in the field of production agricultural machines.

We can provide the total answer to suit Customer’s specific   requirements, listening to their technical requirement’s, maintening uninterrupted dialogue with them to improve our machines with progressive solutions.

Furthermore, traditional  items of our production are  traditional agricultural machines too,  like fertilizer spreaders, grass cutters and rowcrop cultivators for orchards.

Our firm  committed ourself to achive the essence of quality  in the cleaning, drying, storage and preservation of cereols to use long manufacturing experience to develop  our  machines.