Lawn-mower family

Hevesgép Kft. developed and manufactures the lawn-mower family type F for a wide range of tractor capacities and area sizes.   Application: The machines are suitable for the mowing and compulsory maintenance of communal areas, parks, street and flowerbed edges, sport fields, as well as uncultivated land. Advantages of the uses:

  • The machine can be mounted behind or in front of tractors (the latter arrangement is possible in case of a front drive).
  • The axles of the cutting mechanisms in the machines are in the same plane, causing a reduced dimension of the machines in the direction of travel, resulting in:
    • A more uniform copying of the soil by the cutting mechanism
    • A reduced distance prevailing between the center of gravity of the machine and the suspension point at the tractor, preventing the lawn-mower from impairing traveling stability and tractability of the tractor even in case of smaller tractors
    • A reduced mass of the machine, consequently in a lower fuel consumption
    • A better tractability when driving around subjects, trees, bushes
  • The soil following suspension and the four self-aligning supporting wheels providing an adjustable stubble height guarantee a high quality mowing, even in case of uneven soil conditions
  • Plastic supporting wheels providing self-cleaning and rolling on ball bearings, adjustable in five heights
  • Maintenance free drive via teethed belt, guaranteeing the uniplanarity of the cutting mechanism and the synchronism of the cutting blades
  • Maintenance free bearing of the blade shaft, requiring no subsequent lubrication
  • The interchangeable, short cutting blades require less energy and less operating costs
  • The lawn-mowers are driven from PTO having a speed of 1000 or 540 r.p.m.
  • The self-carrying frame is manufactured of a steel sheet with a thickness of 4 mm
  • The guiding elements built into the frame structure provide an even grain distribution on the soil
  • Suspension of category 1
  • Aesthetic design, suitable for the function of the machine





Working width

982 mm

1234 mm

1460 mm

1842 mm

Stubble height

45-120 mm

45-120 mm

45-120 mm

45-120 mm

No. of the rotors





Mass of the machine

130 kg

165 kg

190 kg

230 kg

Speed of the tractor PTO

540 rpm

1000 rpm

1000 rpm

1000 rpm

Power requirement of the tractor

8-14 kW

11-19 LE

10-17 kW

14-23 LE

17-24 kW

23-32 LE

24-30 kW

32-40 LE