Multifunctional crop crusher for filling of the silobag

TRS 205 multifunctional crop crusher for filling of the silobag

Application: This machine is towable, has PTO transmission and it requires 70 kW. It is capable to ensilage original or crushed, dry or wet crops, feedstuffs and further materials to fill in foil bags. It receives the crops – according to its type – with the help of a changeable demolition cylinder or an upper collector mounted to its main framework. The crushing process is done by an adjustable mechanical breaking unit. Technical data:

Width in transport position 2500 [mm]
Height in transport position 2700 [mm]
Length in transport position 5700 [mm]
Working width (with tractor) 5000 [mm]
Mass of machine 3750 [kg]
Required PTO speed 540 [f/min]

Working data:

Required power 70110 kW
Capacity 3580 t/h
Receiver tank 2,5 m3
No. of breaking demolition cylinders 4 db
Compressing system 240 x 1800 [mm]
Required foil bag Ø 2,4 x 60   (75,90,100) [m]