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Basic informations

HEVESGÉP Mezőgazdasági Gépgyártó, Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft. is a hungarian company with more than 60 years of experience. The company was founded in 1958 to provide technical background and to meet the needs of agriculture requirements at the time. It has been manufacturing agricultural machinery since 1970, and since 1976 it has been supplying products to the European market as part of international integration. In 1993, during the privatization process, Hevesgép Kft. was established as the company’s legal successor. The company with its 120 co-workers is one of the largest employers in the city of Heves. Main activity is connected to production, development and sale of agricultural machinery.

The product range is extremely wide, which can be divided into the following groups according to their function:

  • Grain technology systems and machine units: cleaners, dryers, crop storage silos and related material handling machines, steel structures
  • Livestock machines: universal adapters for forage harvesting, grain crushing and foil filling machine, silage foil filling machine, manure fermentation equipment
  • Tillage machines: Rock pick-up machine, Rock widrower machine, Root ripper machine

In the history of the company, the line of products included several other types of agricultural machinery. Without wishing to be exhaustive, for example, biomass boilers and heat exchangers, fertilizer spreaders, lawn mowers, orchard row and spacing machines.

The products are manufactured in-house, starting from component production to finished assembled products. In the case of complex plants and equipments, our company also performs on-site installation, commissioning and training and the company undertakes to organize the complete construction project.

Our company also carries out significant innovation activities in the field of agricultural machinery, based on the professional knowledge and experience accumulated over several decades. In addition to production, we try to satisfy the needs of agricultural farmers by applying modern technical solutions through continuous development work.

Our long-established company has many references in the domestic market, especially in the field of grain technology. We treat our customers as partners and consider the care, maintenance and warranty of our products to be important, and we give priority to feedback on operational experience. Our decades-long Western European reseller relationship and export sales prove the competitiveness and marketability of the machined manufactures in Heves. It is worth to mention our company’s aspirations in this line of business towards Eastern markets.

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We consider each project as a common business and we strive to provide as much assistance to our partners as possible to ensure the return on investment in the shortest possible time and to ensure long-term profitability.



Our grain plants and machines can be found in any parts of Hungary. Feel free to contact our company and we direct you to one of our partner closest to your location, where you can personally convince yourself about the quality of our machines!