The manufacturing of products and machine units takes place within the 4-hectare factory plant, starting from the production of parts to the finished final assemblies. Starting from the warehouse, the material flow passes through five production halls. The state-of-the-art technology background and well-trained workforce ensure the manufacturing of quality products in our component manufacturing, welding, cutting, painting and assembly halls.

Introduction video

Warehouse system

Material is stored indoors in beam-, sheet- and commercial part warehouses. The registration is performed by a modern, barcode IT system. We work with the best quality commercial goods and the same is true for raw materials. Sheet metal boards and various beam materials are supplied by partners with accredited certificates, as a good product can only be produced from a good raw material.


Material handling

The flow of material between the plants is ensured by state-of-the-art material transport equipment, which is an essential part of a well-functioning internal logistics system. Still forklifts and pallet trucks purchased in 2021 perform most of the material handling tasks. In the warehouses, special commission trucks aid the material flow. The finished products are delivered in a rented or own transport truck according to the customer’s agreement.



In the steel cutting plant, production takes place in several shifts on conventional and CNC-controlled machine tools. The machine park includes: conventional lathe, CNC-controlled lathe, drilling and milling machines, radial drilling machine, sawing machines.

Sheet metal working

The machine park in the component manufacturing plant covers most of the sheet metal processing technology. With multi-shift work schedule, these machines work very productively. The machine park includes: laser cutting machines, bending machines, water jet cutter, plasma cutter, plate shears, corner hips, punches, rollers, profile rollers, eccentric press machines.


Welding plant

In our welding plant we use process 135 – solid wire electrode, active shielding gas arc welding. M21 type Corgon (18% CO2, 82% Ar) active shielding gas provides adequate gas protection. In addition to multi-stage Miller equipment, we have a number of Fronius welding machines, most of which were purchased in 2021. Each of our Fronius power sources has a synergistic mode, which makes it easy to select the right welding parameter. In the case of thin sections we use the pulse, in the case of thick sections we use the standard mode method. Special parts are welded with a Panasonic type welding robot. With an overhead crane system, it is possible to move large steel structures between workstations.


Painting plant

Proper surface preparation of the part is ensured by a manual scraping operation as well as a separate shot blasting machine. The painting plant has a conveyor track painting system with a degreaser and a drying cabin. Large frames are made in a separate painting booth. Our grain technology machines are mostly made of galvanized design. The applied technologies provide perfect surface protection against weather and other various mechanical or chemical influences.


Assembly plant

In the assembly plant, assembly stations are formed, where the exact assembly sequence and instructions are used to complete the final assembly of machine units of different levels of complexity. Lead mechanics in the respective areas are responsible for the correct and professional assembly: bearing installation, drive chain, hydraulics, electronics, housings etc… At the end of the line, the finished unit is inspected: run and report. This highly contorlled process ensures a high quality product for the customer.



Our company also carries out significant innovation activities in the field of agricultural machinery. It is based on decades of professional experience, a highly trained team of engineers and a state-of-the-art design software environment, as well as a well-established relationship with universities and research institutes. Through continuous development, we strive to satisfy the needs of agricultural farmers by applying modern technical solutions, so that our machines represent the highest technical standards in the world, in accordance with market trends. The development work of our highly trained engineers, as well as the available experimental laboratory and research results, guarantee the continuous improvement of the technical standard, taking into account the market trends and the maximum satisfaction of the Customer’s needs.