FP & FC – Steel silo


Hevesgép Kft. Offers flat or cone-bottomed steel silos with zinc protection for professional storage of grain from 50 m3 to 20,000-m3 volumes. Intake is carried out by a separate material transport system, and the extraction is taken out by gravity, with drain gates and a chain conveyor. In the case of a flat-floored silo, a planetary snail ensures that the residual material cone is removed. The silo is equipped with well-designed ladders, a walking floor, a ventilation and a temperature measuring system. The ventilator is a compressed air system with fixed or mobile fans, which flows the air through the ventilation ducts built into the floor and the entire floor through the entire stored material. The temperature sensor system is available with both manual and central computer data control to monitor changes in the quality of the stored grain.
Safe storage means preserving the quality of the crop. The proposed system avoids the most significant damages caused by temperature rise, insect infestation and increase in fractured grain ratio.
Feel free to contact our company to determine the optimal silo layout, integration into an existing or new plant system, and the right height-diameter ratio!